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Lucky Strike Lanes - Bar, Food and Bowling in Downtown Phoenix, AZ


Lucky Strike Lanes - Bar, Food and Bowling in Downtown Phoenix, AZ
Lucky Strike Lanes in Phoenix, AZ

Lucky Strike Lanes in Phoenix

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When I visited Lucky Strike Lanes in downtown Phoenix, the manager told me not to refer to this place as a bowling alley. Sure, there are 12 lanes here and you can rent shoes and use their bowling balls. Much more than that, though, Lucky Strike Lanes is a lounge, sports bar and cafe that happens to include entertainment in the form of bowling.

Downtown Phoenix has sports venues, concert venues, theatre, movies and bars, but Lucky Strike Lanes is a place where people can meet, at lunchtime or in the evening, for appealing appetizers, a sandwich or burger, a few drinks or for a couple of lines of bowling in a colorful, casual environment.

Lucky Strike Lanes is located in a downtown Phoenix development called CityScape. After 9 p.m. only people 21 and over are permitted. Friday and Saturday nights there's a DJ. Lucky Strike Lanes has several large projection TVs and free WiFi. A dress code is enforced. Lucky Strike Lanes is open seven days per week, closed on Christmas day.

Lucky Strike Lanes Address: 50 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix
Lucky Strike Lanes Phone: 602-732-5490
Where is Lucky Strike Lanes?: It isn't that easy to find -- don't assume that knowing the address will get you there! The entrance to Lucky Strike Lanes is actually on the west side of Central Avenue, north of Jefferson (not facing Jefferson). It is on the second level, upstairs over CVS. The escalator is toward the back corner of the CityScape complex.

Visit Lucky Strike Lanes online: www.bowlluckystrike.com

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