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PING Golf Factory Tour


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Take a Tour of Karsten Manufacturing
PING Golf Factory Tour

PING Golf Tour

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You might not know it by the name Karsten Manufacturing, but PING Golf is the name by which Karsten Manufacturing Corporation is known worldwide. The name Karsten Manufacturing came from the original creator of the first PING club, a putter.

That man was Karsten Solheim. Karsten designed and built his first putter in the garage of his home. Thus began a legacy that would endure for generations to come and make him the only golf club manufacturer to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Although Karsten Solheim passed away in 2000, his sons have continued to manage and advance the family business. If you are interested in learning more about the humble genius behind PING golf clubs, you can read his biography, Karsten's Way: the Life-Changing Story of Karsten Solheim - Pioneer in Golf Club Design and the Founder of Ping (Compare Prices).

The Solheim family is proud to share the history and success of PING Golf, and one of the unique ways in which they do that is by offering free tours of the manufacturing facility in Phoenix. Reservations are required, as they will only take a limited number of people on each guided tour. During the busy season (October through April) they are often booked months in advance.

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