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Scottsdale Trolley Tour


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Intro to the Scottsdale Trolley Tour
Free Trolley Tour of Scottsdale

After a brief lecture at the Old Adobe Mission in Old Town Scottsdale, we boarded the Scottsdale Trolley for the rest of the downtown Scottsdale tour.

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The LocalMotion Trolley Tour provides a short but broad look into the downtown Scottsdale scene, past and present. The tour, presented by Ultimate Art and Cultural Tours gives participants a unique glimpse into the different districts that comprise downtown Scottsdale from the unique perspective of the Scottsdale Trolley. This Scottsdale trolley tour takes guests through Old Town Scottsdale, Craftsman Court, the Civic Center area, the Scottsdale Arts District including Marshall Way and Main Street, 5th Avenue Shops, and the Scottsdale Waterfront. You'll hear a bit about history, learn about some of people that put Scottsdale on the map and note some architectural aspects of the area. Wondering where to eat or have a glass of wine? Your Tour Guide will give you plenty of options! Want to know where to buy expensive bronze statues, custom tee shirts, consignment fashions or ice cream? Your tour guide will probably cover that. Interested in museums, theatre, culinary school, historic hotels, public art or where to park in Scottsdale? You've chosen the right tour for that.

At the beginning of your Scottsdale trolley tour you'll be provided with a map of the tour route, and you will be able to pick up free materials about galleries and other places of interest in downtown Scottsdale. The tour is free, but reservations in advance are required. More about that later.

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