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Superstition Farm: Dairy Farm Tour


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Take a Tour of a Working Dairy Farm
Superstition Farm Mesa
Superstition Farm Tour © 2007 Judy Hedding

Casey and Alison, brother and sister, were both born in Arizona, both went to high school and college in Arizona, and now run the family farm in East Mesa. Their desire to share their knowledge of dairy farming and rural life with children and families of the metro Phoenix area led them to continue where Dugan's Dairy Farm in Chandler left off when that farm discontinued tours in 2006. In December of that same year Superstition Farm opened up their family farm and began offering tours.

A typical tour of Superstition Farm begins in the barn, where Farmer Casey talks to the tour participants of the day about the farm and about the cows. The discussions are interactive, and are geared toward the general age group involved.

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