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Take a Guided Tour of the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix


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What is the Wrigley Mansion?
Wrigley Mansion

The main entrance at the Wrigley Mansion.

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William Wrigley, Jr. of chewing gum and Chicago Cubs fame, purchased The Arizona Biltmore hotel during the Depression, and had the Wrigley Mansion built nearby as a 50th anniversary gift for his wife. It was used only as a winter retreat for several weeks per year, and was one of several homes that they owned.

Wrigley Mansion sits atop a hill in Central Phoenix. It has 24 rooms and 12 bathrooms, as well as 11 unique fireplaces. There are 360° Valley views from Wrigley Mansion.

William Wrigley, Jr. died in the house, just one year after it was built. After William Wrigley's wife passed away in 1958, the Wrigley Mansion underwent several ownership changes. The Mansion became part of the meeting space for the nearby Arizona Biltmore Hotel. Later, Western Savings became the owner, renamed it The Mansion Club and used it as a private club. Western Savings was one of the banks taken over by the RTC during the savings and loan crisis.

In order to prevent the mansion from being razed, and to restore it and maintain its historical importance, George ("Geordie") Hormel, of the famous meat company, purchased the mansion in 1992. He renovated it, and operated it as a restaurant and lounge as well as a banquet and wedding facility. Although Mr. Hormel passed away in 2006, it is still being operated in that fashion today. It has been designated a Phoenix Point of Pride.

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