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Take a Guided Tour of the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix


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Take a Guided Tour of Wrigley Mansion
Wrigley Mansion

A tour stops in the main foyer/rotunda at the Wrigley Mansion

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The public can tour the Wrigley Mansion. During the guided tour you'll learn about William Wrigley, Jr. and his wife Ada, and the building of the mansion. The tour covers architectural aspects of the mansion as well as introducing you to the people who built it and later saved it. Reservations (602-955-4079) are required for the tours.

Tours are offered at Wrigley Mansion throughout the year as follows:

When: Wednesdays through Sundays
What Time: There are several tours per day on Wednesdays through Saturdays, one tour on Sunday afternoons. There are no tours during July, tours usually resume in mid-August.
Pricing: You ay pay for the tour alone, or reserve one of the Tour/Lunch combination packages.
Typically, the maximum number of people for a tour is 25. While walk-ins are accepted as space allows, it is best to make a reservation, even if it is the day before you intend to go. If you have a group, reservations are required.


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