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Cerreta Candy Company Factory Tour


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How Do They Make the Chocolate?
Guittard Chocolate at Cerreta's

Guittard Chocolate at Cerreta's

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To make the varieties of chocolates that you can buy at Cerreta’s, they use a distinctive chocolate that is custom blended exclusively for them. The company that provides the chocolate from which Cerreta makes its chocolate products is Guittard Chocolate, one of the foremost suppliers of fine chocolate to confectionery professionals. How does Cerreta's make all the types of chocolates that they offer to their customers? You'll have to take the tour to find out!

Tip: I've heard (but I don't really believe it!) that there are some people who aren't fond of chocolate. If chocolate isn't what you crave, there are also nuts, popcorn and other delicious products made at Cerreta's. Love chocolate but can't take the sugar? Try one of their sugar-free products.

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