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Arizona State Fair

The AZ State Fairgrounds is the Place To Be


October is a busy month in Phoenix. As the weather releases its triple-digit hold on us, outdoor activities come alive again. One of the most awaited annual events of the year is the Arizona State Fair in central Phoenix. You'll find rides, exhibits, concerts, food, shows -- there's something for everyone. Want a 3-minute overview? Here is the video!

Schedule, Location, Ticket Prices

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Here's where you'll get the basic facts about the AZ State Fair, including when it is, where it is, and other tips about attending.

State Fair Concerts

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The concerts at the Arizona State Fair are free with your paid general admission. You might have to stand in line to get a seat, but the concert schedule always features nationally known performers. It isn't unusual for people from neighboring states to come to town just for once of these concerts.

10 Tips for Concert Goers

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Concerts are included with your paid admission to the fair. There are plenty of seats and these are big-name performers! Here's what you should know before you go.

What's New This Year at the AZ State Fair

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I don't know how they do it, but every single year the organizers of the Arizona State Fair find new ways to entertain us. What will it be this year? High-jumping hamsters? Bull-riding bobcats? Tricycle test drives? You'll have to look here to find out.

Discounts and Bargains

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I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one who pays the full price to get into the Arizona State Fair! Look here to get a rundown on admission specials, including unlimited ride wristbands. They can save you and your family a bunch of money.

Map and Directions to the Fairgrounds

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The AZ State Fairgrounds are in downtown/central Phoenix. Here's how you get here from wherever you are.

Take The Bus to the Arizona State Fair

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Save money on gas, save money on parking, reduce pollution -- take the bus!

The Photo Gallery

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Here's what a day at the Arizona State Fair might look like.

My Favorite Fair Foods

Fair Foods
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A photographic journey through thousands of grams of fat. Oh, my, but they taste good.

Share Your Experience

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Add your comments and tips about the annual Arizona State Fair that takes place in Phoenix, Arizona. Share your insights about the rides, displays, shows, concerts, midway, agricultural exhibits, parking, fees and anything else you can think of. You can even upload your photos!

Seating Chart for Concerts

Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
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Concerts take place at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, right on the grounds of the State Fairgrounds. Reserved seats can be purchased in advance, or you can stand in line for free seating.

Get a Job

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Every year the AZ State Fair hires lots of people to help them provide a pleasant and safe experience for all the fairgoers. If you are looking for temporary work, a job at the Fair may be for you.
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Arizona State Fair

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