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Waste Management Phoenix Open

Professional Golf Comes to Scottsdale, Arizona Each Winter


One of the first PGA tournaments of the year comes to Scottsdale, Arizona each winter. The Waste Management Phoenix Open (formerly known as the FBR Open) has been dubbed the "Greatest Game on Grass" and is the best attended golf tournament in the world.

Waste Management Phoenix Open Overview / Dates of the Next Tournament

Waste Management Phoenix Open
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A bit of history and some general details about this popular annual event in the Valley of the Sun. Every year something new is introduced at this popular golf tournament, and I'll outline those new features for you, too.

Overview / Dates / What's New at the Phoenix Open

Map and Directions to the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale

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The Waste Management Phoenix Open is played at TPC Scottsdale. That's in the northeast part of the Greater Phoenix area.

Map and Directions to the Phoenix Open

Tickets, Parking and What To Bring

FBR Open
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Here are some specifics about the Waste Management Phoenix Open, like how ticket cost, how to get tickets, where to park and guidelines for attending the event.

Tickets / Parking / What To Bring

What's the Big Deal About the 16th Hole?

the 16th Hole at the Phoenix Open
Getty Images
The 16th hole at the Waste management Phoenix Open is famous, or rather, infamous. It's more like a football stadium than a normal golf gallery. Find out more about this unusual hole, why some love it and some hate it, and how to get a seat there.

The Phoenix Open 16th Hole / Can You Buy Tickets There?

Waste Management Phoenix Open Tips

Waste Management Phoenix Open
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Find out where to stay, what to bring, what to wear, what to do, and when to do it. Knowing how the Waste Management Phoenix Open works will help you to enjoy it that much more!

My Tips For Spectators

Who or What are The Thunderbrds?

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The Waste Management Phoenix Open is the major undertaking of a local group called The Thunderbirds. Learn more about how this organization benefits Arizona charitable organizations.

The Thunderbirds

The Golf Course at TPC Scottsdale

TPC Scottsdale
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Actually, when the Waste Management Phoenix Open isn't in town, TPC Scottsdale is a public golf course. Yes, you can play it, too.

About TPC Scottsdale

The Bird's Nest

Waste Management Phoenix Open
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After a long day of watching golf, the partying begins.

The Bird's Nest: Tickets & Entertainment Lineup

Waste Management Phoenix Open Photo Gallery

Waste Management Phoenix Open
Enjoy these photos from previous years taken at the Waste Management Phoenix Open in Scottsdale.

Phoenix Open Photo Gallery

Scottsdale Sports Bars

Scottsdale Sports Bars
© Judy Hedding
What is there to do when the day's golf is over? head to a sports bar, discuss the day's exciting golf moments, and then get ready for tomorrow!

Scottsdale Sports Bars

What Will the Weather Be Like?

Phoenix Open Weather
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I don't know. I hope it's sunny, clear, with a very slight breeze. I hope there are no frost delays. I just can't predict, but I can share with you what the typical averages are for this time of year.

Average Monthly Temperatures?

What Does FBR Stand For?

FBR Open
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Before it was the Waste Management Phoenix Open, this was called the FBR Open! Learn what FBR stands for, and how the tournament came to be called the FBR Open.

Why Was It Called FBR?

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