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Summer Car Safety

Your Car Will Be a Hot Car


Summer Car Safety

Park in the shade, if possible, even if you have to walk a bit farther.

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If you find your self living anywhere where it gets pretty hot in the summer, you'll want to know what locals know about summer car safety. Having the right items--and never having the wrong items--in your vehicle will make driving in the heat a much safer and enjoyable experience.

If you ever park outside during the summer months, your car will heat up quickly. Heat coming in through the windows is absorbed by the interior, and the glass acts as an insulator. The temperature in your car get up to 200 degrees, depending on the temperature outside, the kind of vehicle you have, and how long it has been in the sun.

Before we get to the tips, here are a few words about children and pets. Do not ever leave children or pets in a closed car. It doesn't take much for heat stroke to set in, or worse. Every year children and pets die in cars. Small children and animals are not able to open a window or open a door like you can. Typically, they will be quiet as heat overcomes them, so there won't be crying or other audible indications of trouble. Cracking the windows does not help; it doesn't prevent the temperature in the car from rising. Leaving children and pets inside a closed car, or even one with the windows rolled down, is dangerous, deadly, and illegal. Report children or pets in hot cars to the police immediately by calling 911.

Now, on to the tips!

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