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Cities and towns of the Phoenix metro area. Besides Phoenix, there is information for Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe and more. Also includes local resources for political parties, voting, government offices and local laws.
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9-11 Memorial in Phoenix
Five years after the tragedy of September 11, 2001 the State of Arizona unveiled a controversial memorial near the State Capitol in downtown Phoenix.

Are You Eligible to Apply For U. S. Citizenship?
If you are considering becoming a U.S. citizen, the U.S. Federal Government has eligibility requirements. If you meet the following qualifications, you may be able to apply for citizenship based on permanent residency.

Arizona Census 2000 Quick Facts
Here are some interesting facts from the 2000 Census about the people of Arizona, their education, their income, ages and poverty levels.

Arizona Housing and Income Statistics
Here are some abbreviated statistics from the 2000 Census. Here you'll find information about Arizona housing, value of Arizona homes, number of vehicles per Arizona household, median Arizona income and more.

Arizona Liquor Laws - Legal Drinking Age in Arizona
Here are ten things you should know about Arizona Liquor Laws, including the legal drinking age, hours bars are open, and who can be served alcohol.

Arizona Move Over Law
Here is what you are required to do when passing an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road in Arizona.

Arizona Population and Race Statistics
Here is some useful demographic information obtained from the 2000 U.S. Census.

City Codes in Greater Phoenix
Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa and the other cities of greater Phoenix all have city codes. They are slightly different, but all the municipal codes in the Phoenix area have common prohibitions.

County Islands in Maricopa County
Learn about county islands in the Phoenix area. Maricopa County has many areas that are surrounded by a city but are not part of that city. Each of those are defined as a county island.

DIY Divorce in Arizona
Do I need a lawyer to file for divorce in Arizona? Here is some advice about DIY divorce in Arizona.

Domestic Partner Registry
If you have a domestic partner, you'll want to learn about the domestic partner registry established by some cities in Arizona.

Filing for Divorce in Arizona - Readers Share Their Stories
Are you thinking of handling your own divorce in Arizona? Phoenix area residents share their DIY divorce stories.

Find a Notary Public in Phoenix
Need a notary public? If you have documents that must be notarized, and you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area, here's how you find a notary public.

Fireworks in Arizona
Find out which fireworks are and are not legal in the State of Arizona. Sparklers and novelty items are defined differently than firecrackers and other fireworks in Arizona.

How Much Is It?
Find out which stores are the best and the worst in Phoenix, Arizona when it comes to posting prices on their merchandise.

How to Register to Vote
A step-by-step primer including details about who can vote and how to get a voter registration form.

Is It Legal To Carry a Gun in Phoenix, Arizona?
Do you need a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Arizona? Here's the answer, and how to get a permit for carrying a concealed weapon in Arizona if you want one.

Minimum Wage in Arizona
Find out what the minimum wage is in Arizona.

Passports and Passport Cards
Find out how you can get a passport or passport card for travel to Mexico in the Phoenix area. Includes ten tips about getting a passport.

Phoenix Voting Centers
If you live in the City of Phoenix, Arizona you don't vote at designated polling places for city elections. You may vote at any voting center, and you have 3 days to do it. Here are the details and the list of voting centers.

Postmark After 5 P.M.
Need to drop off a letter late and still have it postmarked that day? Here's where you can do it.

Pronounce the Names of Places in Arizona
When you come to Phoenix, there are certain words that are tough to pronounce. If you say these correctly, everyone will surely think you're a native Arizonan.

Recycling in Phoenix - Recycling Facts and Tips
Find out which items are allowed and which are prohibited in the curbside recycling program in Phoenix. Get recycling facts and tips.

Smoking Ban in Arizona
Here's information about which cities in the greater Phoenix area prohibit smoking in public places, and a poll and discussion about the issues relating to a state-wide smoking ban in Arizona.

Urban Villages of Phoenix
There are many cities and towns that make up the greater Phoenix area. To make matters even more confusing, the City is Phoenix is broken up into defined areas, or Urban Villages.

Voter ID Requirements for Arizona Elections
People voting in Arizona must present identification. Learn which forms of ID are acceptable, and find out about the procedures for voting in Arizona elections.

Where To Vote
How to find out where to vote if you live in Arizona.

Find Your Voting District in Arizona
How to find out your Arizona voting district, your Arizona state senator and your Arizona state representatives.

Does Arizona Allow Gay Marriage?
Does Arizona allow gay marriage? See a brief history of the same-sex marriage debate in Arizona, including the topic of civil unions.

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