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Arizona Estimated Taxes For Tax Year 2014

Make Arizona Estimated Tax Payments Four Times Per Year


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If you are self-employed, or for some reason you don't have enough taxes withheld from your income (salary, investments, etc.) to cover the amount of taxes you'll owe to the State of Arizona for the year, you need to pay estimated taxes. If you don't, and you wait until you file your tax return next year to pay your taxes, you could be subject to penalties imposed by the State of Arizona. Don't forget that you might also have to pay estimated taxes to the IRS for your federal tax liability.

How Much Should My Arizona Estimated Payments Total?

If you have to make estimated payments, your payments, when added to your Arizona withholding, must total either 90% of the tax due for 2014, or 100% of the tax due for 2013.

You can use your 2013 tax to figure the amount of payments that you must make during 2014 only if you were required to file and did file a 2013 Arizona income tax return.

When Should I Make My Payments?

The State of Arizona says to make your payments in four equal installments. The due dates for these installments for a 2013 calendar year taxpayer are as follows:

Installment Due Date
First: April 15, 2014
Second: June 16, 2014 (because June 15th falls on a Sunday, you have until June 16, 2014 to make this payment)
Third: September 15, 2014
Fourth: January 15, 2015

Where Do I Find the Arizona Form to Make an Estimated Tax Payment?

You can find tax forms, and the instructions, at the Arizona Department of Revenue website. You'll need form 140ES.

How do I Make My Payment?

Checks/forms for estimated tax payments for the State of Arizona should be mailed to:

Arizona Department of Revenue
PO Box 29085
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9085

You can pay your estimated AZ taxes electronically at www.aztaxes.gov, and click on the “Make a Payment”. The “E-Check” option in the “Payment Method” will debit the amount from a checking or savings account that you specify.

Alternatively, you can pay your estimated tax using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card. You will be charged an extra fee for this by the service provider. Go to www.aztaxes.gov, click on the “Make a Payment” link and choose the credit card option.

Have More Questions About Arizona Estimated Tax Payments?

You can call the Arizona Department of Revenue at 602-255-3381 or toll-free 800-352-4090 or visit them online.

What If I Also Must Pay Federal Estimated Taxes?

Here's how you calculate how much estimated tax to pay, and how to pay it.

Disclaimer: I am not an accountant or financial advisor, nor do I represent the Arizona Department of Revenue. If you have questions about filing estimated tax payments contact a tax professional.

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