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Postmark After 5 P.M.

Late Mail Dropoff


Postmark After 5 P.M.

Check the last collection time on mailboxes before depositing any mail with a deadline for postmark.

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Do you need to drop off an important letter that must be postmarked today, but you missed the local cutoff time? If it is very important to meet a deadline, such as filing a legal document or making a payment, you can get that item postmarked until 9 p.m. at:

U. S. Post Office
General Mail Facility
4949 E Van Buren, Room 187
Phoenix, AZ 85026-9998
Here's a map.

The Customer Service Window accepts mail for same day postmark until 9 p.m. on Monday through Friday (except postal holidays). The window is on Van Buren Street, just east of 48th Street.

If you are looking for any special hours for late postmarks because it is The last day to file your Income taxes, there might be extended hours or other locations. Check here.

For more information call 602-225-3158 or 800-275-8777.

All dates, times, and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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