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Street Eats - A Gourmet Food Trucks Event


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Street Eats Food Truck Festival - 2014
Street Eats - A Gourmet Food Trucks Event

Some food trucks have pretty long lines, but others have hardly any wait at all.

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About 25 of our popular local food truck chefs participated in this inaugural event in 2012, and in 2014 about 50 kitchens-on-wheels will line the east side of the Salt River Fields complex, at the Center Field parking lot, offering sample-sized and full-sized portions of their most popular menu items.

Street truck food has been featured on the Food Network, and the culture has evolved. It isn't just hot dogs and chips anymore! Food trucks are now providing high quality cuisine "while maintaining the edgy nostalgia of traditional street food."

Come to Scottsdale, land of many renowned chefs creating culinary masterpieces in traditional restaurants, and see what gastronomical delights await you at Street Eats.

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