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Cleator, AZ is a Ghost Town


The Turkey Creek Mining District was where gold prospectors came in 1864. For a brief period there was a post office here. James Cleator came to Arizona in 1900. His son still owns the bar that the elder Cleator bought in 1905. In 1915 Cleator bought the town, previously known as Turkey Siding and became the postmaster. Cleator now has a population of 10 people. There are some other buildings and a school and a phone booth.

Cleator Update: September 2006
John from Phoenix writes: "Thank you for you guide and write ups on the Ghost towns. We had a great weekend exploring a few of them. Just thought you might want to update the info on this particular one. The bar is now owned by someone other than a Cleator, and the current population recently dropped from seven to six (it would seem one of the residents was ill and decided it was too much, so he took his own life. Not to make light of this situation, in this colorful little oasis in the desert, but it is also said the the recently deceased is now haunting his old home.)

Directions to Cleator

From Phoenix take I-17 (the Black Canyon Freeway) north to the Bumblebee exit. Follow Bumblebee road (FSR 259) for about five miles to the town of Bumblebee. Cleator is about eight miles down the road.

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