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Congress is Now a Ghost Town


Gold was discovered in Congress in 1884 and more than 400 men came to work the mines aided by the addition of the railroad. The Silver Dollar Saloon is where they spent their leisure time. There are remnants, an old mine, and a cemetery to be seen in Congress. There was an upper and a lower part to the town. The upper part of Congress is where the businesses were located, and the people lived in the lower part. A fire destroyed most of the businesses in Congress in 1898, but the mine was worked until the 1930's. The mine and the Old Congress Cemetery are not open to tourists.

Directions to Congress

From Phoenix take I-17 (the Black Canyon Freeway) to U.S.60 West to Wickenburg. Take U.S.93 to State Route 89 to Congress.

See a picture of horses in Congress, AZ.

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