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San Diego One Week Itinerary

San Diego Is a Popular Vacation Spot for Arizonans


Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument

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San Diego is one of California's most popular tourist destinations. In recent years, San Diego has become a surprisingly sophisticated place, and it has something to offer almost everyone, from ballet to theatre to zoos. This itinerary is designed for a family vacation that spans a week and two weekends. There are literally hundreds of things you COULD do while in San Diego, and if you have special interests, by all means indulge them. These suggestions are designed to give you a look at some of San Diego's many faces and a chance to visit some of the special Southern California places of interest.

Sometimes the best things on a vacation are the ones you find by surprise. Don't take this itinerary too seriously. If the roses are blooming stop and smell them!

San Diego Day by Day


  • Parents of very small children may want to substitute Legoland for Sea World or the Wild Animal Park. Children of all ages love the zoo, though.

  • If you object to visiting wild animals in captivity, substitute one or more of these for the animal days: a trip to Balboa Park's museums, a tour of San Diego's Spanish missions, or even a day trip to Disneyland in Orange County (about 2 hours away).

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San Diego Weekend Getaway Itinerary

Many thanks to the About Guide to California for Visitors for providing the preceding itinerary to assist our Phoenix area residents with their trip to San Diego.

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