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Apache Trail Scenic Drive


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Driving the Apache Trail

The Apache Trail (the easy part!)

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A drive on the Apache Trail is one of the most scenic drives near the Phoenix area. This well-traveled road affords visitors an incredible view of canyons, geologic formations, desert plants and trees, desert and lake views, and wildflowers in season.

Each page of this photo tour of the Apache Trail Scenic Drive includes tips for making the trip.

Tip #1
The road today is in much better condition that it was 25 years ago. Treacherous is the adjective that comes to mind when I recall those days of driving the Apache Trail. Now, wider lanes, more pavement, and significant grading help make the trip a bit less harrowing. Still, I have a warning for you: This drive is not for nervous drivers, and definitely not for nervous passengers.

Page 1: Intro: Driving the Apache Trail
Page 2: Getting There
Page 3: Canyon Lake
Page 4: Tortilla Flat
Page 5: What to Bring
Page 6: Scary Drive
Page 7: Fish Creek Hill
Page 8: When To Go
Page 9: Driving Tips
Page 10: Apache Lake
Page 11: Apache Trail Route Map
Bonus: Don't Want to Drive it? You Can See It By Air

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