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Apache Trail Scenic Drive


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At the End of Apache Trail
Apache Trail Scenic Drive
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The second half of the Apache Trail has you driving into Fish Creek Canyon on switch-back roads along beautiful Apache Lake toward Roosevelt Dam. Apache Lake is a man-made reservoir that is about 17 miles long and provides more spectacular views from the road. At Apache Lake there is boating, fishing, water skiing, hiking, and camping. There is a restaurant there, too.

At Roosevelt Dam you'll to have to decide whether you'll turn back and go the way you came, take AZ188 towards the Beeline Highway (AZ87) toward Payson or Fountain Hills, or take AZ188 to the Miami/Superior area and back to Apache Junction. We took this route. We calculated the distance from Roosevelt Dam back to the beginning of AZ 88 through Miami and Superior to be about 79 miles. It's all paved, divided highway.

Tip #10
The Apache Trail, AZ 88, itself is just less than 50 miles. The northern 22 miles of that road, are unpaved. Because the road is well maintained and graded, 4-wheel-drive is not a requirement for this drive.

If you enjoy a car trip, the circle route, with stops for rest rooms, photos, lunch and a soft drink or two, will pretty much take all day. Enjoy the drive!

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