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Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort


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Dining Options Galore

Sashimi at The Reef

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One thing you don't have to drive off property for is a restaurant. There are several here that should take care of all your hunger pangs. During your visit to Twin Arrows, you can try navajo-inspired dishes or stick with familiar modern American fare, your choice. Zenith Steakhouse, Four Elements Cafe, Arrow Sports Bar and the Food Court all have have menu items that are Navajo-inspired. The menu at The Reef, a seafood and raw bar, doesn't really lend itself to Native American culinary traditions.

The Food Court and Sports Bar are located inside the casino. Either one will satisfy fast and easy dining needs. If you want to try a Navajo dish at the Food Court, the fry bread tacos or mutton stew will probably be your best bets. The Sports Bar has nice, big TVs throughout. Typical bar food and beverages are served here, but you can also try the Navajo Green Chile Sliders or Navajo Lamb Stew. The Twin Arrows Navajo Green Chili Burger on Fry Bread is a popular item here and I can recommend it. The Arizona Cardinals were not victorious on this day, but the burger was a winner.

Four Elements, with a beautiful view of the sacred San Francisco Peaks, is located off the lobby, outside of the casino. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, my recommendation for breakfast is the The Southwestern Breakfast, a Three Egg Scramble with Chorizo Sausage, Green Onions, Chopped Tomatoes, Pepper Jack Cheese, House Potatoes, wrapped in a tortilla, served with salsa, and house-made guacamole. Wonderful -- and I loved the home-made hash browns. If you stop into Four Elements for lunch or dinner try the Mini Green Chili Fry Bread appetizer. I could have made an entire meal of it.

The Reef is also located inside the casino. It's smaller, with mostly bar seating. Any seafood lover will be perplexed at the decisions that have to be made when looking at this menu -- there are so many wonderful choices. The taste of the 10-year-old sherry was prominent in the Lobster Bisque with chunks of lobster throughout, and the only thing wrong with the Steamed Mussels is that there weren't more of them. Talk to the Chef about your likes and dislikes and get his recommendations. On the day I visited, he had procured some special Hawaiian tuna that he said I just had to try. Because his supplier had some special catches, Chef was offering a Hawaiian special today, with five different fresh selections of sashimi. The seafood served here is all fresh, ordered on one day and flown in the next morning, usually from Hawaii or from Canada (salmon). For a grand finish, try the Piñon Pie -- oh my! Delicious!

Atop the price scale at Twin Arrows is the luxurious Zenith Steakhouse. If you just hit it big at the casino, or you are wining and dining a client or celebrating a special occasion, this is worth the trip from Flagstaff. The dining room is classic and very attractive, with plenty of room between tables. You can choose to sit either in the exhibition kitchen or in the darker, more intimate dining area. While you can order aged (35 days) Navajo Beef here and it was very flavorful, the Petite Filet was the star in my opinion. It was one of the most tender and tastiest filets I've had in quite a while. Don't be in a rush at Zenith Steakhouse; service is deliberate and paced for relaxation and conversation. For example, we watched the Chef prepare our steaks, checking the temperature four or five times before he decided it was perfect for the way we ordered it. An appetizer or salad, main dish with a side, and a dessert here will probably cost between $50 and $75 per person not including a glass of wine, tax or tip.

I had the opportunity to talk to the Director of Food and Beverage for the Resort. Two items of note for future visitors are that (1) management is working on a way to source more local and Navajo product for the kitchens here, and (2) Zenith Steakhouse will be constantly adjusting the menu, soon to incorporate entrees that include sides to offer some more affordable choices.

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Something to know:
The kids may access all the eateries at the resort, even though access may be through the casino. They may walk around the perimeter to get to the restaurants and restrooms, but they may not enter the main part of the casino. The restaurants are non-smoking, but if they are within the casino, you might smell the smoke.

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