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Payson Rodeo - The World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo


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Directions, Parking, Tickets
Payson Rodeo

The Official Payson Rodeo Flag

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The Payson Rodeo is held on the third weekend of every August for 3 days. The Payson Event Center is located on the south side of Payson. To get there from the Phoenix area, take the Loop 202 east to the Country Club/Highway 87 exit. Make a left to go north on 87, and take it all the way up to Payson. The Mazatzal Casino will be on the right, and the Payson Event Center will be on the left at the light. It's less than a 2 hour drive from most points in the Valley.

There is a charge for parking. Tickets may be purchased at the event. There's a discount for seniors and children. Bring cash--no credit cards accepted.

Tips for attending the Payson Rodeo:

1. If you come in the daytime, and it's a sunny day, make sure you sit on the side of the stadium where the sun will be at your back and not in your eyes.
2. These are all metal bleachers with no backs. Bring seat pads if sitting on metal bleachers for a few hours sounds like a challenge.
3. If you get there early, you can get a seat at the top row of the bleachers (higher is better for viewing) and you'll have the added benefit of a fence behind you can lean back against.
4. Bring your camera, a hat, sunscreen.
5. Drink your water, soft drinks, and beverages before you leave--no open containers are allowed out of the rodeo grounds.
6. Don't want to fight the traffic leaving the rodeo? Take your kids and stop at the petting zoo!

For more information about dates and details for the Rodeo, visit the Town of Payson online.

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