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Spend a Day in Prescott, Arizona


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Palace Restaurant and Saloon
Prescott, Arizona

Palace Bar in Prescott, Arizona

©Judy Hedding

It took a couple of hours to get here, and we've decided that the best place to start is --lunch!! Yes, that will prepare us for the rest of the afternoon getting to know Prescott, Arizona. Right on Whiskey Row, I recommend stopping at the Palace Restaurant and Saloon. The burgers are great! The Palace Bar has been open since 1877, and it is the oldest frontier saloon in Arizona. Today, the high ceilings and non-smoking section are a plus for those who prefer to eat without second-hand smoke. Even if you don't smoke, take a walk back to that room and see the huge paintings on the walls, including the one commemorating the filming of Steve McQueen's Junior Bonner at that location.

The original Palace Bar was destroyed in the Whiskey Row fire of 1900. The bar, itself, was removed to safety, and reinstalled when the saloon was rebuilt in 1901.

In May 2012 a fire destroyed the Bird Cage Saloon on Whiskey Row, a local landmark, as well as all of the contents of the saloon. Larry & Hy's Bare Bones BBQ and the Prescott Food Store were also destroyed by the fire.

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