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Cactus Wren

Arizona's State Bird


Cactus Wren in a Saguaro

Cactus Wren in a Saguaro

© Judy Hedding

The cactus wren (Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus) was named the Arizona state bird in 1931. Its name means curved beak. It is the largest wren in North America, measuring 7-9 inches long. They are commonly found in areas below 4,000 in elevation, and it is not unusual to find them in populated areas.

The cactus wren is a skittish creature, so it is difficult to get too close. They are also very noisy, and when building their nest they will scream and 'bark' at anyone (including dogs) that may interfere with their project.

The male and female cactus wrens look alike. Chollas and saguaros are their favorite places to nest, and the cactus wrens produce three to six eggs per clutch.

Here's what a cactus wren looks like:
Cactus wren photo #1
Cactus wren photo #2
Cactus wren photo #3

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