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5 Best Grasses for Arizona Lawns


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Grass in Phoenix - Celebration Bermudagrass
Phoenix Grass

Phoenix Grass - Celebration Bermudagrass

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Celebration Bermudagrass thrives in the Arizona climate, and its dense structure lends itself to a very soft, very fine grass. With a gorgeous blue-green color, this is definitely a grass that you will be tempted to walk barefoot on. Considered one of the most versatile grasses on the market, Celebration can be found anywhere from the golf course to your neighbors house.

Celebration Bermudagrass is best for any Phoenix resident who desires low-maintenance and high quality grass for their lawn. Celebration is a high quality grass that can be cut with both reel and rotary lawnmowers, so it gives you options for care. It's also very resilient to wear and tear, so if you have kids who love to play in the grass, it is considered to be very hardy. Fertilization is also minimal, so for a quality grass that is low maintenance, Celebration is often considered the standard in Phoenix.

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