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Greater Phoenix School Calendar

Maricopa County Schools Starting and Ending Dates


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Most schools in the greater Phoenix area start the fall session in late July through mid-August, and end the spring session in late May or early June.

There more than 600 schools in just Maricopa County alone, organized into Union Districts (High Schools), Elementary Districts, Unified Districts (High School & Elementary), and Technical Institutes (High Schools). As you might guess, they all have different starting dates and ending dates, and different vacation schedules! As a matter of fact, not all the schools in Maricopa County operate on the same calendar at all, with some being year-round schools.

So how do you tell when your child's school starts?

The current District Calendars can be accessed from this page. Find your chuild's school district and click on it. You'll be brought to that District's official web site. Each District has a link somewhere on the main page for the calendar, which will show school starting dates, Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break dates, and the last day of school, so you can plan ahead. Typically the calendars are updated during the month of July.

What's that? You say you don't know which school district your child's school is in? Here are step-by-step instructions to help you find out.

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