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Phoenix Institute of Technology

P.I.T. Closed in 1993


I get quite a few inquiries from people who went to Phoenix Institute of Technology who are trying to retrieve their records from that school. P.I.T was most noted for its drafting program.

Phoenix Institute of Technology was located at 2555 E. University Drive in Phoenix, Arizona. P.I.T. closed its doors in 1993 and was not really absorbed by any other school, so the records were not transferred to any other institution. There is no longer a school at that location. PIT was, however, licensed by the State of Arizona, so many student records are still intact. You can request your records from The Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education online. There is a fee, and it may take several weeks to receive any records that they find.

One last note -- the old phone number that you might have for Phoenix Institute of Technology now belongs to a family residence, and they have no affiliation or information about that school. Please do not call any phone number that you might see listed for PIT. If you want to make a call about this school, call Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education at 602-542-5709.

Phoenix Institute of Technology Trivia
The rap artist and actor Ice Cube attended the Phoenix Institute of Technology in 1988.

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