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There are plenty of job opportunities in the Phoenix area. There are large corporations, many employment opportunities in the service sector and a concentration of high-tech positions. If you are looking for a job in the Valley of the Sun, you have come to the right place.
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Career Planning
Embarking on your first career or looking for a change? Find out about different careers here. From your About Guide to Career Planning.

Arizona Unemployment Benefits
Ten questions and answers about unemployment insurance in Arizona, including who qualifies for unemployment, how unemployment payments are calculated, and how to apply for unemployment.

Best Performing Cities for Jobs
In a recent survey, Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma all fared pretty well when it comes to job growth.

Call Centers
There are many call centers and operations centers in the Phoenix area. Here are listings of some of the largest, along with information on how to apply for a job at a call center.

Canned Again
There can be positive changes that arise from a transition after being laid off. Here are some tips on focusing on where to go next.

Computer and Customer Service Training
Goodwill in Phoenix offers free classes in various skills that can help you get a job. They also have free resources to help you find a job in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cover Letter: Trash or Treasure
Local recruiter Terri Robinson lets us know how a cover letter to your résumé help your chances for an interview.

Dream Job: Oasis or Mirage?
Considering a job change? A professional recruiter guides you through the thought process.

Employment Books
Here is my listing of some books that you should have in your personal library if you are job hunting, or if you are considering starting your own business.

Find Your Dream Technical Job
Are you looking for a dream job in Phoenix? Maybe the job you have now can become your dream job!

Get a Job at the Arizona State Fair
Need a job for just a few weeks in October? The Arizona State Fair is always looking for workers.

Get Job Assistance in Greater Phoenix
These companies and organizations can help you develop your skills and find leads for jobs in the Phoenix, Arizona area. If you are looking for help finding a job, check these resources.

Lost Messages, Lost Opportunities
A Phoenix recruiter shares some tips and tools to avoid some simple but potentially costly mistakes when you are looking for a job.

Minimum Wage in Arizona
Find out what the minimum wage is in Arizona.

Phoenix Jobs for Grads
Phoenix is one of the top ten cities for college graduates to find a job.

Real Estate License
A simple "How To" about how to obtain a real estate license in Arizona. From your About Guide to Phoenix.

Right to Work State
Arizona is a Right to Work state. Learn what the Right to Work law means, and some of the common misconceptions about it.

Salaries in Greater Phoenix
Looking for a job or moving to Phoenix? Find out what various types of jobs pay, and annual and hourly salaries for common types of jobs in Phoenix, Arizona.

SJN - Scottsdale Job Network
SJN - Scottsdale Job Network is a nonprofit organization doing business in the Greater Phoenix area. I posed ten questions to a representative of SJN - Scottsdale Job Network in an effort to familiarize Phoenix area residents with the organization.

Starting a Business - How To Start Your Own Business
Starting a business involves some planning and organization. A Phoenix entrepreneur shares her five key steps to starting a business.

Where Are Public Computers?
Don't have a computer? here are some places where you can use a computer with Internet access for free or for a small fee.

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