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Salaries in Arizona - 2011

Common Types of Jobs and What They Pay in Greater Phoenix


Salaries in Arizona - 2011
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Are you considering a job change? Do you feel that you are underpaid? Have you heard that the cost of living in Arizona is cheaper than in other major U.S. cities but that Phoenix salaries are lower? If you replied "yes" to any of these questions, than the following information on types of jobs and the salaries being paid for those jobs will definitely interest you.

In the chart below I have extracted some high level data about types of jobs in the Phoenix area and the salaries associated with that type of position, both median and average. I also present the U.S. average hourly rate for that category, so you can compare. The salary data was provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and was calculated from data collected from employers of every size in the greater Phoenix area in 2011.

Finally, I have provided a link for each category to a site where you can search job openings. I simply took one popular job/position from that category as an example; there are many more jobs/positions covered by each category than the one I mention.

May 2011 Metropolitan Area Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates for Greater Phoenix

These statistics cover the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Parts of Pinal County are included in addition to Maricopa County.

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