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Highest Paying Jobs in Arizona

35 Jobs That Offer the Best Salaries in Arizona


High Paying Jobs in Arizona
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If you want to know which careers in Arizona offer the highest pay, here are the top 35. I have shown the average hourly salary for these jobs, based on 2009 census data. You can't really just decide one day that you want a high paying career--who doesn't? But with education, planning, and hard work, you can become one of these highly paid professionals.

Highest Paying Jobs in Arizona

Anesthesiologists $108.66
Orthodontists $107.14
Obstetricians and Gynecologists $100.47
Surgeons $95.03
Physicians and Surgeons, All Other $89.01
Psychiatrists $86.47
Internists, General $84.92
Dentists, All Other Specialists $80.84
Chief Executives $80.38
Dentists, General $77.12
Family and General Practitioners $76.44
Pediatricians, General $75.17
Podiatrists $59.82
Optometrists $57.40
Engineering Managers $56.80
Lawyers $54.27
Pharmacists $51.38
Computer and Information Systems Managers $51.07
General and Operations Managers $50.23
Computer and Information Scientists, Research $50.03
Psychologists, All Other $48.60
Natural Sciences Managers $46.01
Financial Managers $45.27
Education Administrators, Postsecondary $45.10
Electronics Engineers, Except Computer $44.81
Sales Managers $44.63
Biomedical Engineers $44.35
Construction Managers $44.20
Materials Scientists $43.51
Nuclear Engineers $43.44
Materials Engineers $42.57
Air Traffic Controllers $42.49
Electrical Engineers $42.48
Industrial Production Managers $42.39
Purchasing Managers $41.99

This list of high paying jobs is based on 2009 data prepared by the Arizona Dept of Administration.

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