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Musical Instrument Museum


Musical Instrument Museum, Scottsdale

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Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) Overview:

The Musical Instrument Museum opened in April 2010 in North Phoenix, just minutes from Scottsdale, AZ. This unique museum celebrates music by exhibiting instruments from every country in the world. There are more than 10,000 instruments and objects in the collection, with thousands of them displayed for the public to enjoy in five geographical galleries and an Artist Gallery. Musical traditions are shared and experienced here; not only can museum guests view the displays, but they can touch and play some of them, learn about how they work, hear how they sound and attend workshops.

See Pictures of MIM:

Enjoy this photo gallery of the Musical Instrument Museum. On each page I also include tidbits, factoids and things you should know about visiting this unique museum.

Street Address and Directions:

4725 East Mayo Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Here's a map and directions to the Musical Instrument Museum. Free parking is available.

General Phone Number:


MIM Online:


MIM Admission Charge (April 2013):

General Admission Adult: $18
General Admission Ages 13-19: $14
General Admission Ages 4-12: $10
General Admission Under 4: free

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.


Concerts, Films, Workshops and Special Events:

The Musical Instrument Museum presents a diverse selection of special musical programs for the entire family in the MIM Music Theater. Tickets for those events may be purchased:

  1. Online (click on the concert and then on the seating chart)
  2. At the museum box office
  3. By phone to the MIM Ticket Office at 480-478-6001

See a seating chart for concerts and other performances held at the Musical Instrument Museum.


10 Things To Know About Attending a Concert at MIM Music Theater:

I attended a concert at the MIM Music Theater, and I found it to be a beautiful and intimate venue with wonderful acoustics. Here are some things that you might want to know before you go.

  1. MIM Music Theater is located inside the Musical Instrument Museum; you'll use the main museum entry doors and you will be directed to the theater.
  2. MIM Music Theater is beautifully designed. There are only 299 seats in the theater. The rows are in a stadium formation, affording a great view of the stage from every seat.
  3. Seats are roomy and comfortable. There is ample leg room.
  4. The best seats, in my opinion, are in rows three, four and five where, depending on whether the performers are standing or sitting, you will be sitting eye-to-eye with them.
  5. Accessible seats are limited, and are in Row 4.
  6. While refreshments are sold in the lobby, no food or drinks -- not even water -- are allowed in the theater.
  7. The MIM Gift Shop is open before evening performances. It may also be open during intermission or at the end of performances, especially in the case where musicians offer to autograph CDs or other items.
  8. The museum is not open during evening performances.
  9. In addition to musical performances, workshops and seminars will be held in this venue.
  10. Ticket prices for concerts are typically priced from $25 to $75. The Box Office is located in the main lobby of the museum.

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.


More About the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM):


The Musical Instrument Museum has permanent collection galleries, galleries for special exhibitions and hands-on experiences, a performance auditorium, an open conservation laboratory on view to museum visitors, a recording studio, a library, a restaurant, and a gift shop with music and music-related items.

From the web site: "Music is something all humans share, a source of beauty and comfort in our daily lives, a means to give voice to our joy in times of celebration and a powerful force that brings us all together. Music is the lifelong friend that we all have in common. The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) celebrates music as all of these things — a sustaining human gift and wellspring of global culture."


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