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Mother's Day in Phoenix

Your Guide to Celebrating Phoenix Moms and Grandmas


Mother's Day is always on the second Sunday in May. In 2014 that date is May 11th. Whether your mother is just down the street, or thousands of miles away, don't miss this opportunity to let her know how much you appreciate everything she's done for you. In the Phoenix area, there are plenty of ways that you can let your mother know that she is special.

Mother's Day Events, Concerts, Shows

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You might want to plan a special activity or outing that your mother would especially enjoy. Every year we have several from which to choose.

Ten Things To Know Before You Go Out to Eat on Mother's Day

Mother's Day Brunch in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona
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Mother's Day should be a special and lovely day, not one of frustration or disappointment. Here are ten things you should consider before making reservations to go out to eat on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Brunches and Dinners

Mother's Day Brunch in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona
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Your mother will certainly know that she is appreciated if you take her out for a lovely meal at one of these restaurants. This list includes restaurants serving both a la carte and buffet brunches and dinners. Some of them even include Champagne or a rose for Moms.

If you don't want to see all the expensive brunch options around town, here is a short list of restaurants with more reasonably priced options for Mother's Day.

Enjoy Mother's Day!

A Shorter List: Mother's Day Specials for Less than $30 Per Person

Sunday Brunch
It's fine that there are a hundred restaurants where you can spend a few hundred dollars taking the entire family out for brunch on Mother's Day. If your budget doesn't allow for that kind of expenditure, or you simply don't think it's a great use of your money, you can celebrate Mom at one of these eateries instead.

Another Shorter List: Golf Course Dining for Mother's Day

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Many of our golf courses have fine restaurants associated with them. Here is a short list of local (non-resort) golf courses that offer a special menu on Mother's Day. Why do I like eating a meal at a golf course restaurant? Typically, the area is scenic and quiet. It doesn't hurt that I like to play golf, but being a golfer is not required!

Moms Love A Special Spa Treatment

Spa Specials on Mother's Day
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Some of our wonderful spas around Phoenix and Scottsdale offer extraordinary ways in which you can pamper that special woman on Mother's day.

Treat Mom to a Day of Pampering at a Local Resort

Treat Mom to a Day of Pampering at a Local Resort
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Yes, just send her away for a day. You can go with her! These Phoenix and Scottsdale resorts can take her away from it all, and will treat her like the special person that she is.

More Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Mother's Day in Phoenix
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Flowers? Candy? Something unique and original? Here are some gift ideas for the woman to whom you want to say, "Happy Mother's Day."

Cook up Something Special For Mom

© St. Francis Restaurant
You want to try to make something unique for a Mother's Day treat? Here is a recipe for Hazelnut Parfait from The St. Francis Restaurant in Phoenix. I warn you -- it's not for the beginner! For a morning trat, how about creating a gourmet breakfast in bed? If you are serving adult beverages for the occasion, here are some special cocktails from local Arizona chefs that would be appropriate for Mother's Day -- well, maybe not in the morning....
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