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Valentine's Day in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Say I Love You


February is the month of love, and there are many ways to acknowledge your friends and special relationships on Valentine's Day in the Phoenix area.

After Valentine's Day, why not share your experience with others? Tell us, where did you go? What did you do? Did you enjoy your special day?

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1. Go Out to Dinner on Valentine's Day

Unique menus, music, champagne, roses, gardens...here are some lovely dining establishments offering special Valentine's Day meals.

2. 20 Restaurants With Affordable Valentine's Menus

If spending $100 to $200 for a dinner with your Valentine isn't in the cards for you, here are some restaurants with Valentine's Day menus that are $30++ per person or less.

3. 25 Ideas for Valentine's Day

Verde Valley Railroad
In Greater Phoenix, you'll discover that there are many different options for celebrating Valentine's Day.

4. Other Local Valentine's Day Treats and Indulgences

Fancy desserts For Valentine's Day
These just don't fit in any other category and they change every year! You'll find singing telegrams, special cakes or cookies, a Valentine's Day excursion, or ...

5. Take a Romantic Weekend Vacation in Your Own Backyard

We have some of the most romantic resorts in the country right here in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Save the airfare, luggage charges, cab fares, parking fees, and spend that extra money on luxury and pampering.

6. Romance at the Spa

We have wonderful spas in this area, and many of them offer special romantic treatments and massages. You can arrange something to enjoy as a couple, or simply get your sweetheart a wonderful gift of pampering.

7. Take Your Valentine to a Show or Concert

Musicals, classical music, rock bands, comedians -- there are always plenty of options for two special tickets to a show.

8. Restaurants With a Scenic View

Arizona Restaurants With a View
Looking for a romantic evening out, a wedding dinner location or a special occasion restaurant? You have several worthy options in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas if you want a dining experience with a scenic view.

9. Daddy-Daughter Dances

Getty Images
Make sure you make a reservation early for these special father/daughter experiences. They usually are scheduled the week before Valentine's Day so as not to compete with the actual day. They are very popular and often sell out quickly! Dress up, dancing, chocolate treats, photos with Dad -- what could be more fun.

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