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Donate Your Used Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids

Recycle Old Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids in Phoenix


Donate your used eyeglasses
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I have a drawer full of old prescription glasses. I always keep my most recent backup set in case I lose my current glasses. Then I have several older pairs of eyeglasses; I guess I was hoping to use the frames again, but that never seemed to happen. Is there anything I can do to recycle my old eyeglasses? Can someone else use them? The answer is yes and yes. The same answers apply to old, used hearing aids.

Lions Clubs International has an entire section devoted to this project. It is the Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation. They process approximately 250,000 pairs of used eyeglasses each year for humanitarian distribution to the needy, both here at home in Arizona and even to other countries. The organization also distributes between 300 and 400 hearing aids every year, some of which are reconditioned and some used for parts.

To make a donation, send or bring used glasses and hearing aids to:

  • Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation, 3427 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix (on 32nd Street, north of Osborn); OR
  • a local community Lions Club collection location; OR
  • any Walmart Super Center in Arizona that has a Vision Department
If you are donating a large volume of items, please call Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation first.

Eyeglasses and hearing aids are very expensive, and there are many people who could use them, but can't afford to buy them new. By donating those items that you are no longer using, you are helping others and contributing to an important recycling effort.

If you have more questions about donating used eyeglasses or hearing aids, visit the Arizona Multiple District 21 online or call them at 602-954-1723.

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