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Allison DuBois

Medium TV is Show Based on Her Life


Allsion DuBois

Allison DuBois

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You can sneak a peek into the life of Allison DuBois each week on NBC in a TV show called Medium. No matter what you believe about people who can see beyond the physical lives around us, the show is made enjoyable by the characters involved. On TV's Medium, they are normal, attractive, humorous, and somehow tackle the additional pressures of having a medium in the family--not far, apparently, from Allison DuBois' true life story.

The series Medium is based on Allison DuBois's book entitled "Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye." Patricia Arquette was cast to play the role of Allison DuBois, and won an Emmy for her portrayal. Glen Gordon Caron, creator of Moonlighting and many other hits, is the writer for the series. It's being produced by Paramount pictures and Grammnet, which is owned by Kelsey Grammer.

About Allison DuBois

  • Allison DuBois is an Arizona native. She was born on January 24, 1972 in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Allison graduated from Corona del Sol High School in Tempe in 1990.
  • While going for her degree, Allison DuBois was also an intern at the District Attorney's office in Phoenix.
  • Allison received a B.A. in political science with a minor in history from Arizona State University.
  • Allison DuBois spent four years participating in various tests at the University of Arizona to assist them in their studies of mediums and psychic phenomena.
  • Just as depicted on the TV show Medium, Allison DuBois' husband is named Joe. He is an aerospace engineer. He recently retired from that career.
  • Allison and Joe DuBois have three daughters in real life, as depicted in the Medium TV show.
  • Allison became aware of her special talent when she was 6 years old. She believes that her three daughters have inherited her gift.
  • Allison DuBois refers to herself as a medium and profiler. She doesn't use the term 'psychic' because of the negative connotation associated with it.
  • One variation from the Medium TV show: Allison DuBois says that although some of her visions come to her in dreams, most of them come to her when she's awake.
Quotation from Allison DuBois' web site:
"Every episode is not a biography of my life, it is simply based on my life experiences. It is an accurate portrayal of my life and the people who share it with a little Hollywood magic thrown in."

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