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Imagination Avenue - An Indoor Activity Center For Young Children


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Five Tips Before You Go
Imagination Avenue Indoor Play Area

Imagination Avenue

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Imagination Avenue is an indoor activity area for young children. The process is pretty straightforward. You pay for each child who enters to play, and you can stay with them here as long as Imagination Avenue is open that day.

  1. Moms and Dads may sit in the snack bar area and relax while the kids play. Exterior doors have gates, so little ones won't be wandering outside. That means they have the freedom to explore in Imagination Avenue.
  2. Moms and Dads with laptops who need to work online or check emails while their kids play can do that here -- they have wi fi.
  3. Bring socks for both children and adults. No shoes are allowed. If you forget them, you can buy socks there.
  4. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children.
  5. For parents that might want to bring the little ones a couple of times per week, the monthly membership is worth consideration.

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