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Mesa Golfland SunSplash


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Mesa Golfland SunSplash

Waterslide at SunSplash in Mesa

© Judy Hedding

Mesa Golfland SunSplash is one of three amusement/water parks in the greater Phoenix area. It is owned by Golfland Entertainment Center, Inc., which used to also own Big Surf in Tempe. Before the 2010 summer season, that water park was sold back to its original owners. WaterWorld in Phoenix used to be part of that family of water parks, but it was sold after the 2008 season. Mesa Golfland SunSplash is now their only park in Arizona.

Mesa Golfland SunSplash Tip #1: You can purchase a season pass, good for admission all summer season. If you intend to go several times per year, it makes financial sense!

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