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Best Restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale - 2013

AAA Picks for Best Phoenix Area Dining


Best Restaurants in Phoenix
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AAA Arizona has serving our state since 1927. Probably originally best known for their automobile services, like 24-hour roadside assistance, they also provide other services. These include mobile battery service, rental car delivery, insurance services and travel services. You can also look to AAA for recommendations about the best places to eat. In 2012 AAA Arizona selected 20 dining establishments in the greater Phoenix area as either 4- or 5-Diamond rated restaurants.

There are many restaurants in metro Phoenix that provide fine food. According to AAA, a 4-Diamond Rating means that "menus reflect a high degree of creativity and complexity, using imaginative presentations to enhance high-quality, market-fresh ingredients. The proficient service staff demonstrates a strong desire to meet or exceed guest expectations."

The 5-Diamond restaurants are "renowned and consistently provide a world-class experience. This is 'haute cuisine' at its best. Menus are cutting edge, using only the finest ingredients available....A maître d’ leads an expert service staff that exceeds guest expectations by attending to every detail in an effortless and unobtrusive manner."

You might notice that most of these fine restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale are associated with hotels or resorts. I have marked the restaurants that are not on hotel properties with an asterisk (*), in case you prefer that type of restaurant. Of note, most of our finer restaurants are in central Phoenix or on the east/northeast side of town. In 2012 there are no restaurants included here on the west side of town (the Wigwam Resort restaurants in Litchfield Park fell off the 4-Diamond list).

If your budget is not restricted, you are certain to have an elegant and memorable meal at any one of these Phoenix area dining establishments.

AAA 5 Diamond Restaurants in Greater Phoenix


AAA 4 Diamond Restaurants in Greater Phoenix

Carefree/Cave Creek

  • Binkley's*


  • Cork*

Paradise Valley



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