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Prix Fixe



Offered at a fixed price: an appetizer, main entrée, and dessert, for example.

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Definition: The phrase prix fixe is French for "fixed price."

When a restaurant indicates that it is offering a prix fixe menu or a prix fixe dinner, that means that it is offering a meal at a fixed price. Usually, the words prix fixe are associated with a multiple course meal, such as a four-course prix fixe dinner or a three-course prix fixe lunch.

A three-course prix fixe meal typically consists of an appetizer, a main dish or entrée, and dessert.

Restaurants may offer prix fixe meals on special occasions, like Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day and other busy holidays. In that way they can limit their menu offerings and offer special chef creations. Some restaurants offer prix fixe menus in addition to their regular menus.

A restaurant may offer a few choices for each course of a prix fixe meal, or they may not. Since substitutions are typically not allowed, it is important to ask about the prix fixe menu if the regular à la carte menu is not also available on that occasion.

When a price is quoted for a prix fixe menu, it typically does not include beverages, tax or tip.

Pronunciation: pree feeks

Also Known As: fixed price

Common Misspellings: prix fix, prix-fixe

Examples: The Bistro is offering a four-course prix fixe menu for Valentine's Day. You may choose soup or salad; choose one of three appetizers; choose one of four entrées; choose one of three desserts. $49 per person.

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