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Phoenix Restaurants Where Kids Can Eat for Free - Weekly Planner


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Kids Eat Free Weekly Planner
© Judy Hedding

Everyone loves a bargain, and kids love going out to restaurants to eat. So why not combine the two? There are some terrific choices for restaurants in the Greater Phoenix area where you can go and take advantage of a Kids Eat Free program. A few of them aren't exactly free, but they are pretty close!

With all of these programs, it is expected that there will be a purchase of an adult meal. Many of the restaurants will have a specific menu from which the kids may choose their free meal, and some have more choices than others. There are always age restrictions (don't expect to bring your 17-year-old for a mac and cheese dinner!) and there are often hour restrictions. Usually, coupons or other discounts are not permitted with the Kids Eat Free special.

All programs, details and prices subject to change without notice. Please call the restaurant in advance to verify the Kids Eat Free promotion restrictions. If you do plan ahead, you could eat out every day of the week and get a free kids meal!

If you are looking for a specific restaurant, it might be easier to check the alphabetical list of Phoenix area restaurants with Kids Eat Free programs.

Do you know of another restaurant that has a Kids Eat Free (or nearly free) special? Have there been changes to one of the promotions listed above? Send me an email and let me know.

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