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Local Farms Offer Organic or Naturally Grown Fruits and Vegetables


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What Is CSA / Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is gaining in popularity as consumers look for more and more ways to support their local communities and businesses.

In the case of our local farmers, the CSA program allows them to get organic or naturally grown fruits and vegetables directly to consumers without the added costs of middlemen. As consumers, we can support those local farms by purchasing lots of fresh, organic or natural fruits and vegetables that are healthier for our families than the produce ripened in transport vehicles, canned or frozen or produced with chemicals and pesticides.

People who are interested in supporting local businesses, especially local farms, can purchase a share from a farm participating in Community Supported Agriculture. A share is usually a box of vegetables, but there may be fruits, eggs or other locally grown or farmed products included. By purchasing a share, you are assured to get a standard portion of the farm's products through the season. Each farm will let you know generally how much you will receive for your share, how often and where you can pick it up or have it delivered.

On the pages that follow you can become familiar with some local farms in the Phoenix, Arizona area that offer fresh, organic or naturally produced vegetables through a CSA program. Keep in mind that every CSA operates a little differently. Some are seasonal, some are year-round, some are small operations and some distribute to many locations. Some package for you and some allow you to select your vegetables. Some require pick up of the fruits and vegetables and some deliver. Some have membership fees. Some require all payment for the season in advance. My best advice is to visit the farm website to get the details of that particular CSA program.

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