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Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix


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The Koi Pond
Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix
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The Koi pond at the Japanese Friendship Garden is about 5/8 acre. The materials you'll receive at the entrance will explain why Koi are important in Japanese culture. At the entrance, you can purchase fish food to feed the Koi. Please don't throw anything else besides that food in the water. That includes bread, coins, and trash.

While we are on the topic of etiquette, keep in mind that this is not a park; it is a Japanese garden designed for meditation and reflection in a tranquil and harmonious environment. Pets are not allowed. Anything that rings or beeps (phones and beepers) should be turned off. No music or picnicking is permitted. Although children are welcome to visit, no bikes, skates or other wheeled recreational devices are allowed.

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