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Arizona is a wonderful place for rockhounds and gem collectors of all levels. Here is a collection of Arizona links relating to gemstones and rock collecting.

Deer Valley Rock Art Center
The Deer Valley Rock Art Center is the location of the Hedgpeth Hills petroglyph site. There are more than 1,500 recorded petroglyphs on almost 600 boulders.

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
Just a couple of hours down the road you'll find one of the biggest and best gem shows in the country. Held each February.

Tucson Gem Show Tips
The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show held in February each year is one of the world's largest gem, fossil and mineral shows. Make sure you fllow these tips when you go.

Arizona Earth Science Clubs
Rockhound and prospecting clubs and organizations across the State of Arizona.

Arizona Gem, Mineral and Rock Clubs
There are more than twenty clubs throughout Arizona.

Arizona Geological Survey
Their mission is to "collect and archive information about the geologic character, processes, hazards and mineral and energy resources of Arizona..."

Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum Foundation
"The Foundation collection contains over 670 specimens representing 128 species. Approximately 45 percent of the collection comes from Arizona." You can take a virtual tour of the museum at this site.

Bedrock Geologic Map of Arizona
See a geologic map of Arizona and learn about the relationship of Arizona to the Colorado Plateau in the north and the Basin and Range province in the south. From your About.com Guide to Geology.

Bob's Rock Shop
An online publication for rock collectors and lapidary hobbyists.

Flagg Gem and Mineral Show
The annual Flagg Gem and Mineral Show includes free activities for children along with free samples for children and teachers.

Flandrau Science Center
At the University of Arizona in Tucson. "The Mineral Museum at Flandrau is one of the finest University-owned collections of gems and minerals in the country."

Friends of Mineralogy
"The organization consists of collectors, professional mineralogists and curators of public and private collections, all of whom share a common bond of love of mineral specimens..." Located in Tucson, Arizona.

Mineral and Energy Resources Map
By the Arizona Geological Survey.

Mineralogical Society of Arizona
Founded in 1935 and located in Phoenix. The purpose of the group is "to promote popular interest in the various Earth Sciences, and particularly the fields of Geology, Lapidary, Mineralogy, Paleontology and related subjects."

Oak Creek Gem and Mineral Society
Club activities include monthly field trips for many different rocks, fossils, and minerals. They also have classes in lapidary, jewelry making, carving, tumbling, beading, chain making, design, and mineral identification.

Robert S. Dietz Museum of Geology
Admission is free. Located in the Physical Sciences Complex at A.S.U.

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