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Cave Creek


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Cave Creek - Vital Statistics and Tidbits

The Cave Creek Chamber and Visitors Center

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The Town of Cave Creek is located in the northern part of the Valley, northeast of Phoenix and northwest of Scottsdale. It is just west of Carefree, which is often considered a sister community. Black Mountain is to the south and Elephant Butte is to the north.

Cave Creek has a genuine western attitude. Here you'll find many horse properties, saloons and rodeo events. There's no shortage of shops here, so if you are looking for western jewelry, one-of-a-kind pottery, cowboy furniture, a cow head (you can never find one in Phoenix when you need one), a pair of boots, antiques or a lamp with horns, this is the place.

Cave Creek is one of the smaller incorporated communities in Maricopa County, covering about 38 square miles with a population of about 5,074 (2013 estimate, U.S. Census Bureau). The median age of a Cave Creek resident is about 51 years old, and more than 53% of people in Cave Creek have a four-year college degree or higher. About 32% of Cave Creek 's residents are 60 years old or older. The median income of a Cave Creek, Arizona household is about $75,458. (2012 estimate, U.S. Census Bureau). More than 95% of the population is white.

Not too long ago, Cave Creek's economy was mining and cattle based. In 1986, the Town of Cave Creek incorporated. The town still retains its rustic roots. While another city in the Phoenix area has trademarked the tag line "The West's Most Western Town," few cities or towns in Maricopa County can rival the western ambiance of Cave Creek.

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