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Cave Creek


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More Cave Creek, Arizona Facts
Cave Creek

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Cave Creek is a town, as opposed to a city. It is large enough to be a city, but to this point the change to city status has not been undertaken. The Town of Cave Creek has a council/manager form of government.

How Cave Creek Got Its Name
Cave Creek was incorporated in 1986. Cave Creek, Arizona is located in Maricopa County. It encompasses about 28 square miles. From the Town of Cave Creek official website: "The Town of Cave Creek is named for Cave Creek, the small stream that originates in the hills to the northeast and flows southwesterly for 25 miles before reaching the vicinity of Paradise Valley. The stream derives its name from a high, overhanging bluff along its west bank that forms a wide open-mouthed cavern about two miles north of the presentday Town."

Area Code
The area code for Cave Creek is 480.

Zip Codes
The zip codes in Cave Creek are 85327 (for P.O. Boxes) and 85331 (for street addresses). Keep in kind that if an address uses the zip code 85331 it doesn't necessarily follow that it is in Cave Creek. There are parts of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Carefree and unincorporated areas that use that zip code. Some may even indicate that they are in Cave Creek when they really aren't. The postal definition of Cave Creek is different than the actual town boundaries.

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