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Get To Know Maricopa, Arizona


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Maricopa Location and History
Pacana Park in Maricopa, AZ

Pacana Park in Maricopa, AZ

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Like the rest of the Greater Phoenix area, Maricopa's history has an agricultural base. With available water at Maricopa Wells, this town became an important stop for the Butterfield Overland Mail Line. A rail line from Maricopa to Phoenix, constructed in the late 19th century, is now a thoroughfare for cars known as Maricopa Road, or the John Wayne Parkway.

Maricopa has experienced what the city refers to as hypergrowth in the 20th century. People moving to the area looking for cheaper housing and wide open spaces found Maricopa, and began relocating there in droves. Even though Maricopa is not even in Maricopa County, I have added Maricopa to my Greater Phoenix coverage because it is one of the newer frontiers of the area. People live in Maricopa, but come into Chandler, Phoenix, and other communities to work, play and shop.

Maricopa became an incorporated city in 2003. It is Arizona's 88th city.

A person who lives in Maricopa is called a Maricopan.

Maricopa is located in the south part of the Greater Phoenix area. The city offices of Maricopa are about 35 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The Gila River Indian Reservation is to the immediate north, with Chandler and Phoenix farther north. The Ak-Chin Indian Reservation is to the immediate southwest, and Casa Grande is southeast.

Maricopa, Arizona covers about 4 square miles, and the elevation of Maricopa is about 1,175 feet. Temperatures in Maricopa are not significantly different than they are in Phoenix. There may be a few degrees variance in either direction.

County: Pinal
Area Code: 520
Zip Codes: 85238, 85239

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