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Get To Know Maricopa, Arizona


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Maricopa Population Statistics
Maricopa High School

Maricopa High School

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The City of Maricopa has been in explosive growth mode since 2000. People discovered the town (it became a city since then) was reasonably close to Chandler, Tempe and Phoenix, and decided that much more affordable housing, open spaces and a small community feel were more important than a long commute.

The population of Maricopa was 15,934 at the 2005 Special Census. As of the 2013, the U.S. Census estimates the population at 45,508.

The median age of a Maricopan is 32 years old. The median household income in the city is $64,587, and 6.2% of the people in the city are below poverty level. Nearly 27% of the population of the City of Maricopa has a 4-year college degree or advanced degree (2012 U.S. Census estimates).

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