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Get To Know Maricopa, Arizona


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Maricopa Attractions, Special Events, Malls
Playground at Pacana Park

Playground at Pacana Park

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Maricopa does not have a traditional shopping mall. There's no problem buying groceries or pharmacy items in Maricopa. Other retail, like clothing and gifts, are gradually entering the market.

  1. Pacana Park was the first major park in Maricopa, and opened in October 2006. Soccer field, football field, tennis courts, a covered playground and a stocked lake are onsite at this 22 acre park. In 2014 the Copper Sky Recreation Complex located at 44345 W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. opened.
  2. There really aren't attractions in Maricopa itself.
  3. City sponsored activities so far revolve around youth sports and library activities.
  4. Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino is right outside Maricopa on the reservation. Dining, concerts, and, of course, gambling, are offered there.
  5. The Maricopa Salsa Festival, Fishing Derby, Founder’s Day Celebration and Holiday Homes on Parade are the special events in Maricopa.
  6. Shamrock Farms give dairy farm tours at their dairy in Stanford, about 20 minutes from central Maricopa.
  7. Attractions and events in Chandler are the closest to Maricopa when coming toward Phoenix.

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