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Phoenix Is a Dusty City

Dust Contributes to Allergy and Respiratory Problems


We live in the desert and there is probably more dust here than where you came from. It's dry and doesn't rain very often--Phoenix is experiencing a drought that has lasted over a decade. There's agriculture and development, highway construction, and driving on unpaved lots kicking up that dust. Vacant lands are covered with dust. During monsoon and a few other times of the year we have dust storms and dust devils. For people with allergies, that's not good news.


Dust can certainly have an effect on your respiratory system, especially if you have asthma. Coughing, wheezing and teary eyes might be the immediate symptoms, but Valley Fever could be just around the corner.

There are dust-related allergies. Dust mites eat the microscopic skin dander found on people and animals, then leave droppings. Even a clean home can have dust mites. The inhaling of dust mite droppings may produce allergic reactions. The humidity on the Phoenix area is usually pretty low, and that's a good thing because dust mite thrive in higher humidity. If you use an evaporative cooler, be aware that you are creating moisture in which dust mites like to live.

If you have allergies to dust, here are some tips to reduce dust inside your home.

  1. Vacuum often. Get a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter system
  2. Use wet mops and wet dust cloths, never dry ones.
  3. Keep pets out of the bedroom, and certainly off the bed.
  4. Cover pillows, mattress and box springs with dust-proof casings.
  5. Reduce the amount of carpet in the house. Use throw rugs that can be regularly washed and dried.
  6. Don't use feather pillows or comforters.
The message here is clean, clean, clean. Don't just move the dust around!

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Note: None of the information here is intended to be medical advice. The details provided here are general, and factors relating to pollen, dust and pollution will affect each person differently. Consult a doctor to diagnose and treat any medical condition.

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