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Cleanest Restaurants in Phoenix

Phoenix Area Restaurants With Perfect Inspections by County Health Department


Arizona Restaurant Inspections
Photo Courtesy of Maricopa County Environmental Services Department

The Environmental Health Services Division of Maricopa County is responsible for ensuring that the restaurants in the County comply with the Environmental Health Code. Generally, restaurants in the Greater Phoenix area are located within Maricopa County. Each month the Department's inspectors visit food establishments across the Valley of the Sun. The best of those restaurant inspections receive a Cutting Edge Award that they may display proudly at their place of business.

Every week I list many of the restaurants in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale and other local Maricopa County cities that had no violations. There are many more than those listed, but I have limited the listings by excluding caterers, wholesalers, car washes, convenience stores, most grocery stores, etc.

If you have a favorite restaurant that you'd like to check out, or you want to know about your child's school cafeteria or the sandwich shop where you work, you can see the inspection history of any establishment that serves/prepares food at the Maricopa County website.

Phoenix Area Restaurants Receiving Perfect Scores: High Awards for Cleanliness

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NOTE: In June 2011 the award process changed. There are no Gold or Silver designations any longer, although restaurants may still display those awards to the public. Get the details about the new program here.

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