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Pioneer Living History Village


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What is Pioneer Living History Village All About?
Pioneer Living History Museum

One of the rooms in the Victorian House.

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Pioneer Living History Village used to be called the Pioneer Living History Museum -- and sometimes still is. I think the term 'village' is more appropriate in this case. The premise here is that you can "Step Back in Time" and experience territorial Arizona through a walk around a town, comprised of buildings that are representative of that era, all of which are authentic and have been moved to this location from other places in Arizona.

The Pioneer Arizona Foundation arose out of a concern for the number of historical buildings in the state that were being destroyed to make way for new construction. This village was created to capture Arizona's history, primarily between the years 1870 to 1890. The Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum officially opened in 1969. The village houses 30 historic buildings from the 1880s to the turn of the century on a 90-acre property.

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